Jane Norman

Jane And Tilly 2

I’ve been a photographer since I was about eight – and over the years my cameras have gradually got more expensive, and somewhat heavier, but I love photography as much now as I did when I started. It’s what makes me tick. My ‘style’ is documentary or reportage photography – capturing the moment of an event, or in someone’s portrait. I like photographing people of all ages and walks of life; people and their pets, events – everyday life from anniversaries and weddings, to county events. Having studied at West Surrey College of Art & Design, Farnham, and Bournemouth Media School, I worked in the media for a number of years, latterly as a photographer and writer for Blackmore Vale Magazine (the old one), before turning freelance. I volunteer at Art in Poundbury, and have photographed behind the scenes at at least two exhibition hangs, as well as Art in the Park; plus I’ve also designed some of the exhibition posters, from Making Our Mark, Art in the Park, and this year’s A Sea of Talent – which uses cyanotype photography, a camera-less technique using iron salts and UV light. I’ve also used this process in my exhibition pieces. The picture to the left is of me, finalising photoshoot details with one of my favourite furry clients!