Ingrid Ellis

Ingrid At Art4poundbury Exhibition 2

I have lived in Weymouth since 1999, having previously lived in London and Germany. The beautiful Dorset coast fascinates me endlessly, but my main excitement comes from colours, from their interactions and how they affect me and the viewer! I have always been a maker, but actually came to the visual arts more specifically in my 40s in the form of study at the London College of Furniture, which had an unexpected art foundation course as part of the modules. Being introduced to inspiration and design really got my juices flowing! Once free from the shackles of regular work I was able to explore, using many of the techniques learnt in the various City & Guilds and other courses I had been attending. I have always been attracted to fabric and to quilting and I concentrated on this up until the last few years. I was making framed, mostly abstract, quilted pictures and colourful wall hangings. Recently the Covid break gave me the opportunity to delve into exploring paper collage, printing and mixed media pictures, which opened up a huge new field of activity. I am a fast and spontaneous worker. My projects are very rarely planned in detail and I never know how it will look until I know instinctively that it’s ready – I respond to possibilities, to new paths and solutions along the way. In addition, I also make varied selections of hand-crafted gift items based on aspects of my work.