Antje Rook

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ANTJE ROOK – TEXTILE ARTIST Antje Rook is an international known textile artistwork inspired by her environment, nature and people, also personal experiences. Sometimes she uses surreal elements in her work. Her art ranges from small delicate pictures to large expressive displays, mostly in vibrant colours. Just recently she started making textile art soft sculptures and one of a kind art dolls, which she enjoys very much and is something she would like to explore more. If possible, she works with recycled material and you can find her looking for interesting material on car boot sales and in charity shops. The last years have been equally challenging and successful for Antje. 2 different works of mine have been chosen for exhibitions in Rome, a self portrait was shown in London and my Virus project, ‘A virus a day’ was in Dorset County Museum on show from March till June last year and will stay in the museum.She also organised and curated the ‘Home’ exhibition, which got a lot of attention. 17 artists showed work about their perception of the meaning of Home in a very personal and emotional way. This exhibition led to Antje’s participation in this year’s B- side festival, where she gave an artist talk with 4 other artists about their materials of practice, her community involving work and her feminist background.