Finn Campbell-Notman

Fcn With Work

Finn Campbell-Notman M.A. Royal College of Art, London British. Born London 1970 Finn grew up in England in rural Norfolk and Somerset. Over the years he has variously lived, studied and worked and exhibited in Cornwall and London, San Francisco, Brussels, most recently in both Andalusia and Barcelona…and now Dorset. An artist is essentially a lens through which the universe is refracted. Each lens however is unique. The ongoing aim is to make my particular lens as clear, focused, personal and distinctive as it can be. 
For me this means being continuously vigilant to life’s mutability, to have an open and receptive fragility in regard to this flux and from a position of attentive awareness and inquisitiveness attempt to communicate my experience of it through the work, thereby to arrive at some small amount of reciprocal wisdom about both myself and the world. It has been said about my work that it there is a surreal or symbolist feel to them. The above process can render the view or scene in my work thus and there is indeed always a ‘story’. Winning Sky Arts Landscape Artist of the year 2023 was a vindication of always staying true to oneself as an artist.