Carole Knighton

Studio Pic Carole 2023

I have an MA (Hons) in Art History and have looked at a lot of art, both as a student and then in my working life. But looking at paintings does not make you an artist, as I discovered when I retired and took up painting. Hoping I had acquired the skills by process of osmosis I set out to create masterpieces! This didn’t happen! I am largely self-taught with the encouragement and experience of tutor lead art groups, and the internet of course! I have gained enough knowledge to know the most important thing is to have fun. I Enjoy what I’m doing and all the lovely creative people I’m meeting along the way. Impressions and memories of landscapes past and present inspire me to paint. I love the process of adding and subtracting layers of paint until magically a hidden memory of somewhere emerges. It’s very exciting when this happens, I’m “in the zone” and It’s what keeps me inspired and creating. I use acrylic paint and all sorts of tools other than brushes for mark making. I also enjoy sketchbook journalling, painting still life, botanics and designs using watercolours, inks, collage and pastels. I just love experimenting with colours and materials.