MEET THE ARTISTS December 3rd 2023

Karl Stedman and Martin Waterhouse

MEET THE ARTISTS  December 3rd 2023


3rd Dec 2023    
10:00 am - 13:00 pm


Jubilee​ ​Hall
Kings​ ​Point​ ​House, 5​ ​Queen​ ​Mothers​ ​Square, Poundbury, Dorchester, Dorset, DT1​ ​3BW

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Sunday December 3rd

10am – 1pm

Karl Stedman 

Karl’s abstract pieces are made from thousands of hand-rolled coloured paper discs. A range of tones and effects are made by increasing or decreasing the number of paper strips in a disc. These can be manipulated by pushing them outward or sinking them in. This affects the viewers perception by creating light, shade and shadows. The pieces are abstract but for Karl highly personal where he is able to explore emotions, review life events and travel on imagined journeys.

Martin Waterhouse

Martin Waterhouse

A Poundbury resident since 2015 and a contributor to every ArtinPoundbury event. A member of the late Exeter Letterers and locally, the 3Cs group based in Bridport. My interest in Calligraphy started 25 years ago at an evening class in London. Most recently have completed commissions on Family Tree additions, Church Notice Boards, Poems as gifts. Various styles are available with my emphasis on the lettering rather than the artistic. At the demonstration there can be an opportunity to “Have a go” and advice can be given on “How to get started”.

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