Richard Wilson

Me A

I have been working at a potter for 50years since leaving collage ,worked as an apprentice for five years before traveling to other counties to work in other potteries .in Germany I was first inspired by the folk art of eastern Europe ,that took me on a journey of colour development. My pots reflect the spontaneity of the slipware tradition of decoration, with coloured clays called slips on semi-dry pots. Using terracotta clay as the main body of work ,then dipped in white slip, colours are applied in different ways, with brushes, sponges and trailers, gradually building bold patterns around the pots for a loose abstract effect. I love to explore patterns and colours that compliment the form around my pots, My thrown forms have an element of the oriental about them,simple shapes that gives me a canvas on which to decorate.. some of my designs are landscape inspired or patterns that compliment the shape of the pot. This I would call using the tradition of the past to bring the freshness to the present..