Lorraine Bowley


My art background began studying Ceramics at Camberwell in London. My career naturally led into teaching and sharing my knowledge and skills. More recently my work relates to childhood memories since the passing of my mother. I often use images of my family in my work. I also incorporate maps and layers of vintage ephemera to symbolise life’s journey. The layers and fragments of memories or loved ones stitched together, torn, fragmented and worn. I enjoy experimenting with different media and often include book pages, vintage photographs and items that have personal meanings. The link with memories of the past, the tension between the materials and threads and the delicate quality of the materials again expose the vulnerable nature of the memory or past experience of life’s journey to this point. Dresses sewn together with threads and layered Peter and Jane book pages. My work has developed from an intimate series of matchbox sculptures to a series of boats. I have also developed work on dolls dresses and incorporated pages linked to childhood memories. Past experiences of bedtime stories read by my Mother. My art work serves as my voice and often reflection of life and special moments that have led me to this point. I am constantly participating in workshops and exploring where possible as many techniques and process to adapt and use in my work. My work naturally feeds back into the classroom and where I enjoy seeing the enthusiam within the classroom.