Carla Taylor

Art Work

The Mousehole Woolery is situated in the heart of the Dorset countryside and is the home and studio of Fibre Artist Carla Taylor who creates contemporary sustainable wool sculptures inspired by the conservation, animals and landscape of the British countryside and coastline using the technique of needle felting. Needle felting involves using barbed needles to repeatedly stab and sculpt wool fibres together to form a solid mass. Each sculpture is created with many layers of wool and can therefore take many hours to complete, transforming loose fleece into a sculptural work of art! As an official supporter of the Campaign for Wool Carla likes to work closely with local Dorset farmers promoting the use of local and British wool and will often refer to conservation awareness within her sculptures as well as incorporating vintage finds of a past era into her work, reflecting her lifetime passion for antiques and the story that each piece has to tell. Carla exhibits her work at galleries and art shows across the South West as well as running needle felting workshops where she shares her love and passion for local Dorset and British Wool.