Birgit Bentley-Stein

Birgit moved to Weymouth in 1992 from Switzerland where she was born.
Her work is about personal experiences; working from her heart, her feelings and emotions are important. She has been inspired by her experiences of being healed whilst in nature, which has led her to an inherent appreciation of the environment and being in the environment, as an outdoor person, she is happiest in the elements.
Nature and coastal living have inspired most of her work, and it is very important to incorporate this as she lives and breathes it. She has spent many hours down at the local beach sketching found ephemera.
She finished her Art & Design Foundation Diploma with distinction in June 2023. Now she is studying Foundation degree in Art & Design Practice at Weymouth College. She is also a member of the International Feltmakers Association as she feels it is an integral part of her practice to work within textile and multimedia.
She discovered a love for working with metal during the last two years at Weymouth College. Contrasting rough on smooth, she explores shapes, textures and depth of colour to create mood in her art pieces.